What To Do When Hot Water Heaters
Don't Make Hot Water- Tankless Troubleshooting Tips

5 factors that influence water heater costNope. The cold-water shower was not what you expected. Discover
hot water heaters - tankless troubleshooting tips that will
help you put an end to your cold-water miseries.


It Is Very Frustrating To Find That You Tankless Hot Water Heater Is Not Working As Expected

You heard fabulous reports and reviews on the hot water heaters that are tankless and took the plunge, spent your money on the unit, had it installed, and have been enjoying hot water on-demand for months.

This morning, you cannot get a drop of hot water and begin to panic.

If this sounds familiar to you, take a deep breath; there are several troubleshooting tips that can help.

Have Your Owner's Manual Nearby

First off, you should have the owner's manual nearby - this helps you locate specific items on the tank itself.

Locate The Shut-Off Valve

Secondly, locate the shut-off valve - this is what adjusts the flow, depending of course, on the brand itself, which is where the owner's manual comes in handy.

You will want to make sure this valve is completely open as this can be the problem with the lack of hot water.

Turn Up The Temperature Setting

Thirdly, turn up the temperature setting, but don't crank it all the way up, just try a few degrees to see if it helps.

Also, make sure when you turn on the faucet - you have a full flow when the faucet is fully opened.

Check The Pressure

Fourth, check the pressure you are getting when you open the faucet, if you have a drip, obviously, the pressure is not adequate and depending on the model, you can adjust the pressure of the flow.

Check Your Breaker

Depending on the source of fuel your tankless uses, your breaker could have shutoff, which means no hot water, so check your trusty owner's manual for instructions on checking the breaker.

Check To Determine If Your Tankless Water Heater Got Too Hot

It's also possible your tankless may be too hot and therefore you need to bring down the temperature before attempting to get hot water from it.

The Bottom-Line On Hot Water Heaters - Tankless Troubleshooting Tips

There are many reasons why you may not get hot water when you open the faucet, but before you call the manufacturer and yell at them or spend money to have someone come out, take a look at your guide to the equipment you have installed.

It may be something very simple that is just a matter of resetting your hot water heaters tankless, and your owner's manual will have a troubleshooting guide toward the back of the book.

You can see why it is vital to keep the owner's manual.


Here's To Your Tankless Water Heater Success!

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