How To Protect Tankless Water Heater Systems From Freezing

5 factors that influence water heater costDiscover the critical steps to take to protect tankless water heater systems from freezing. It's amazing what a little preparation can do.


If You Live In A Cold Climate Make Sure You Take Needed Measures To Protect Tankless Water Heater Systems From Freezing Weather

If you live in a cold climate, you know the reality that pipes and water can freeze quickly and when they do it can lead to disastrous consequences.

Obviously, the outdoor tankless water heater systems have the highest chance of freezing than indoor tankless heater that you have installed in your hall closet.

Many Outdoors Tankless Hot Water Systems Specifically State They Are Only For Use In Warmer Climates

If you live in Alaska, you obviously do not want to purchase an outdoors tankless unit that is only designed to withstand 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you purchase it anyway, you are sure to run into some problems with freezing.

How To Protect Tankless Water Heater Systems In Warmer Climates That Have Unseasonably Cold Weather

You may live in a warmer climate but have an unseasonably cold winter that the outdoor tankless unit may not be equipped to handle.

In these cases, you can purchase insulation such as a jacket to protect it from the cold nights and lessen the likelihood of freezing.

Additionally, there are water heater blankets that can help shield them from freezing.

How To Protect Tankless Water Heater Systems In Windy Weather

If it is particularly windy and your outdoor tankless heater is in the path of the wind, you might move some items, such as a car or other vehicle near the tankless in order to break the wind path.

How To Protect Tankless Water Heater Systems In The Snow

If it snows, brush the snow off the unit completely.

By leaving the snow on the unit, it can freeze much quicker.

In addition, if the snow is deep and melts a bit during the day but there is still snow on the unit at then of the day, the melted snow on the unit will refreeze and you could potentially freeze the outdoor tankless heater completely.

Proper Planning And Insulation Can Have A Great Impact On Getting Your System To Perform Optimally

Plan early. If you know a cold front is moving in, get the supplies you need early.

There is insulation you can purchase for any exposed pipes, which lessen the likelihood of freezing.

Waiting until the last minute can mean supplies are difficult to find because everyone else is attempting to protect and insulate their homes.

Protecting Your Unit From The Elements - The Bottom-Line

While tankless water heater systems are very sturdy and last many more years than traditional water heater, they are prone to freezing if they are in extremely cold areas such as outdoors or in a very cold basement.

Here's To Your Success With A Tankless Water Heater!

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